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PLEASE NOTE: This is a novelette, not a full-length novel!




Lucy scrimped and saved to attend a Tuscan writer's retreat.


Now that she's arrived?


Life has begun to imitate art as, one by one, her fellow retreat-goers succumb to the dastardly fates penned by a fellow novelist.


Now Lucy must unmask the killer...before she becomes the next victim.


Studying for the SAT or ACT doesn't have to be so hard.


Our brains are biologically wired to learn through stories. The problem is, the vocabulary in most of the stories we read stagnates before we're done learning all the "big" words.


That's where Vocabbett comes in. Kicking mountains of flashcards and tedious 900-page study guides to the curb, Death at the Villa Tarconti plants more than 60 potential SAT/ACT words in your brain before you even know what's happened.

Death at the Villa Tarconti

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