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Action, adventure, romance, ancient Egypt — what more could a person ask for?

How about 500+ vocabulary words to painlessly prepare you for the SAT & ACT?


Ahead of Her Time was written, first and foremost, to be wildly entertaining. The book centers around Noor Cunningham, a headstrong teen whose parents disappeared after discovering Cleopatra's palace at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.


When an overlooked clue indicates her parents might still be alive, Noor travels to the edge of time to get them back. On the journey, she's thrown in Cleopatra's dungeons, wooed by a handsome Roman soldier, and forced to use every ounce of her (not inconsiderable) wits to survive.


Studying for the SAT or ACT doesn't have to be so hard.


Our brains are biologically wired to learn through stories. The problem is, the vocabulary in most of the stories we read stagnates before we're done learning all the "big" words.


That's where Ahead of Her Time comes in. Kicking mountains of flashcards and tedious 900-page study guides to the curb, the novel spins a compelling story and inserts 500+ words into your brain before you even know what's happened.

Ahead of Her Time

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