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How would you handle being mistaken for a CIA agent? For Siena Saint James, who's dreamed of being a spy since she was a child, the mistake sets off the adventure of a lifetime. It all started with a spontaneous trip to Israel to learn Krav Maga – admittedly not the most "normal" of trips, but who cares?

Upon returning to her life as an art historian in New York City, Siena witnesses a suspicious transaction that will change her life forever. Mustering every trick she's learned from years of spy shows, Siena goes toe-to-toe with some of the most dangerous people alive...But will her amateur training be enough? And whose side is that handsome Mossad agent on?

Combining action, humor, and adventure, Siena Saint James Is Not a Spy is a clever, laugh-out-loud romp from the first page. It won’t be long before Siena becomes America’s new favorite spy!

Siena Saint James Is Not a Spy

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