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  • Painless SAT & ACT vocabulary prep 

  • A play on the surname of the creator, Erica Abbett

Big Words  

Made Simple.

Improving your vocabulary for the SAT and ACT just got a whole lot easier.​

What It Is

Vocabbett is an SAT and ACT vocabulary prep company that specializes in making big words simple. 

Using research-backed techniques, my goal is to improve your vocabulary as painlessly as possible. 

New to Vocabbett? The best place to start is with Ahead of Her Time.


Written to be entertaining first, the book seamlessly blends action, adventure, romance, and ancient Egypt with more than 500 potential SAT/ACT vocabulary words. 

A book you'd want to read anyway, it just happens to have sneaky vocabulary-improving abilities, too!

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Discover a wealth of vocabulary-building resources unlike any you've seen before. 

From short stories to The Masterclass, plus the book that started it all, everything is designed to be entertaining as well as enlightening. 

How It Works

The human brain has been trained to learn language incidentally and in story form.


We all know that immersion is the best way to learn a foreign language, and the same concept applies here: your brain likes to catalog new words in context, with stories and memories to anchor them. 

All of that goes missing with flashcards, 900-page study guides, and fancy computer programs.

At Vocabbett, I believe in giving your brain what it wants: stories galore, but stories unlike you'll encounter anywhere else.


Designed to be entertaining first, Vocabbett stories are formulated for every type of learner and packed to the brim with words to help you come test day. 

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