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What Everyone's Missing With the Latest SAT News

Updated: May 19

A whimsical collage ofa. 1950s era woman sitting on assorted papers

With colleges dropping the SAT left and right — and the recent announcement that they’re dropping the essay and subject tests — it’s normal to feel a reluctant pang of sympathy for a dying rite of passage.

Here’s the thing, though: The College Board (the organization that runs the SAT) is stronger than ever.

Most people don’t know that the AP program is also managed by The College Board, so while people celebrate the end of a standardized test…we’re unwittingly letting them standardize the entire high school curriculum.

I’m not against AP’s. There are some great AP courses! But when one organization has so much power, there are bound to be issues because we don’t all want the same thing.

I dive into this issue in greater detail in episode 67 of the Vocabbett podcast. I’d consider it a must-listen for students, parents, and educators! You can listen below, or on your favorite podcast player.

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