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Turbo-Charge Your Vocabulary With This Simple Trick

Whimsical collage of 'David' sculpture throwing a punch with newspapers in the background

Let me ask you a question: were you flipping flashcards in the crib?

Probably not!

You likely learned thousands of words without any conscious studying, simply absorbing them before you knew how to hold a pencil.

And because your brain loves to repeat what it already knows, there’s a simple trick to learning new words as you age: replicate how you learned those original words. 

Quite simply, this boils down to two things:

  1. Stories – Life, especially for a child, is a story. It may be a literal story being told or read to you, or it may be someone recounting an interesting event that happened earlier. Ultimately, everything is a story.

  1. Repeated Impressions – Have you ever babysat a toddler? They tend to get a little…repetitive. What’s that? What’s that? What’s that? Why? Why? Why? I personally think it’s brilliant how intellectually curious they are, but there’s a simple reason they tend to ask the same questions over and over. Practice makes perfect – including with languages. Most people will learn a new word if they encounter it eight or more times, and so as humans, we’ll force those impressions if they haven’t come naturally! 

People don’t often gossip with SAT words, nor do you tend to encounter them in your everyday books/movies, which is why we pivot to “conventional” studying methods as we get older.  However, if you encountered “big” words more often, your vocabulary could continue to improve, painlessly and (almost!) effortlessly, ad infinitum!

With Vocabbett, I’ve utilized this knowledge to create what I believe is the most pain-free vocabulary acquisition tool out there. 

Utilizing fun stories (which you can read or listen to), I painlessly boost your vocabulary while you enjoy a fun romp through ancient Egypt, a mystery in Italy, or a fun Percy Jackson-esque satire.  They’re stories you’d want to read anyway. The vocabulary-boosting benefits are just a bonus! 

Learn more in episode 2 of the Vocabbett podcast:

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