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The Game

An SAT Prep Game Unlike Any Other

"The most pretentious game in the world for the smartest person in the room," as my brother jokingly coined it, Vocab-It is the most fun you've ever had studying for the SAT.

(It's so fun, I'm pretty sure you'd enjoy it even if you weren't studying for the SAT!)

Let's say the cards drawn were:

- Henry VIII

-Alternate Ending

-Nimble / Incapacitate / Tacit


Everyone else now writes a funny and/or clever sentence combining the cards as much as possible. 

For instance, you might write: "The night before she was due to be executed, Anne Boleyn hired a nimble assassin to incapacitate VIII, having made a tacit arrangement with the pope that she would step in as monarch in his absence."

Cards: Harry Potter, Villain, Awry/Circumstantial/Apprehensive

Sentence: "After his latest plan to take over the world went awry, Lord Voldermort decided to abandon a life of crime and open an Etsy shop."

Cards: Wizard of Oz, Plot, Onerous/Tedious/Reimburse

Sentence: "Most people don't know this, but Dorothy never reimbursed the Wicked Witch of the East for those ruby slippers."

Cards: Revolutionary War, Alternate Ending, Ramble/Intersperse/Dubious

Sentence: "One dubious article I read claimed the Revolutionary War ended in a pie-eating contest between George Washington and King George."

You receive a FREE copy of the Vocab-It game when you enroll in the Vocabbett Masterclass, a program where I help you painlessly learn more than 500 high-frequency SAT words. 

"My 16-year-old old daughter attended the workshop [where Vocab-It was played] and absolutely loved it! ...The biggest surprise was that Vocabbett is such a departure from the drudgery of traditional preparatory programs. It's short and focused but the benefits will last a lifetime, well beyond the SAT."

-Owner of nationally-recognized learning center

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