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Season 2 Finale (And a Peek Behind the Scenes!)

Updated: Jun 15

Whimsical collage of a Greek sculpture taking a selfie with newspaper background

After around 20 new episodes, season 2 of the Vocabbett podcast is coming to a close!

In episode 76, I dive into how I might be growing Vocabbett moving forward. You can listen below or on your favorite podcast player. 

And if you have any ideas or thoughts about all this, please, let me know! Seriously, just shoot me an email at

Until next time!

P.S. A lot has changed since I wrote this podcast! Be sure to subscribe to the Vocabbett newsletter to get all the updates. Essentially, I withdrew from UCSD’s College Counseling program after having a crisis of conscience. Don’t worry. I did it so early, I was able to get my money back. I just had a crisis of conscience after watching ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ on Netflix, and to be honest, I've had deep concerns about the direction in which our universities are moving for some time. I prefer to stay on THIS side of education--the fun vocabulary, history side where I make the rules! : )

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