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The Free Vocabulary-Boosting Game You Can Play Just About Anywhere

Since we're all spending more time than usual at home in the era of coronavirus, I thought it might be fun to adapt the new Vocab-It game for the web! Not only that, but this version is free, and you can play it from just about anywhere.

Here's how it works: Normally, whoever's "turn" it is draws a card from three different stacks. For now, I'll draw all three and post them here.

Your job is to combine the cards I draw into a clever/funny sentence, using as many of the vocabulary words as possible.

Leave your sentence in the comment box here or on any of the social channels where I post the pic!

For day one, I drew:

  1. The American Revolution

  2. Alternate Ending

  3. Jubilant/Loquacious/Penchant

My example sentence is: "Most people don't know this, but the American Revolution actually ended with George Washington's jubilant victory in a pie-eating contest against King George."

For that sentence, I was only able to work in one of the vocabulary words, and that's OK! Work in what you can.

Each day, I'll pick a winner Whose Line Is It Anyway?-style (where the rules are made up and the points don't matter!)

I cannot wait to see what you come up with! 😊



  1. Jubilant (adj.) - Extremely happy and/or triumphant

  2. Loquacious (adj.) - Extremely talkative

  3. Penchant (n.) - A habit or fondness for (doing) something

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