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The Disney Song With, Like, 1000 SAT Words

Sneaky vocabulary-boosters? That's what I'm all about! That's why I did a double-take during Disney's new Aladdin.

Remember that song, "Prince Ali, fabulous he..."

Yep. Not only is it insanely catchy, it also features vocabulary word after vocabulary word.

In case you're wondering, the lyrics are only slightly tweaked from the original 1992 version, so you got all these if the original, cartoon version was more your thing, too.

You can check out the new version below. See how many SAT words you can find!

Here's what I caught:

1. (Around 0:55) "Show some respect -- boy, genuflect! -- down on one knee..." (Genuflect = Bend one knee as a sign of respect)

2. (Around 1:01) "Come and meet his spectacular coterie..." (Coterie - A small group of people, especially an exclusive one)

3. (Around 1:40) "He's got a zoo. I'm telling you: it's a world-class menagerie!" (Menagerie - A collection of animals kept in captivity or on exhibition)

4. (Around 2:45) "Prince Ali, amorous he..." (Amorous - Loving)

5. (This is technically the first one, but doesn't show up on as many SAT lists! Around 0:30) "Hey, clear the way in the old bazaar..." (Bazaar - A market in a Middle Eastern country).

Did I miss any? Are there other songs with even more SAT words?

Let me know in the comments!


Disney, I'm talking to you now. I know everyone uses GIFs and things, but that's because the laws are still fuzzy. If you decide to sue the brains out of everyone at some point in the future, please email me beforehand at and I will gladly remove the material above.

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