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Vocabbett: The Next Decade

I know people say things like, "Set your goals in private. Achieve them. Talk about them after."

Buttttt...I actually love hearing people's goals and then watching them achieve them!

Not only that, but if I write down my ten-year goals on a piece of paper, I'll never find them in a decade when I want to reflect!

So, for both of us, let's take a second to dream about the next ten years of Vocabbett!

After One Year (Dec. 2020)

My main goal will be to earn back the money I've already spent (big goals coming in hot a little later). Starting off, I'm going to:

  1. Launch The Etymology Course

  2. Launch The Masterclass

  3. Aim for at least 100 annual course sales

  4. Speak at at least one event

  5. Put together a "resources for teachers" section

  6. Speak on 5+ podcasts

  7. Post on social every day and YouTube once a week

  8. Figure out how to implement a rewards program that incentivizes learning. I think this will be key in Vocabbett's growth.

After Three Years (Dec. 2022)

My husband and I always say it takes three years to get really good at something. Three years into Vocabbett, I hope to:

  1. Have more than 1,000 annual course sales

  2. Release the sequel to Ahead of Her Time. I know, three years is a long time to wait. But honestly, I debated even putting it down here! It took me AGES to write the first one -- I think it's even a little ambitious to put this here!

  3. Start partnering with well-known authors in creating vocabulary-rich content

  4. Hire a top brand expert to revamp the website, turning it into something more professional and cohesive

After Five Years (Dec. 2024)

We're really getting there, aren't we?!?!

  1. At least 5,000 annual course sales (this is where the money is...I hate to be pessimistic about books, but most people make money having them, not selling them!)

  2. Re-record the courses if I haven't already, making sure they're not looking too dated

  3. Have generated enough $ for my rewards companies that I can partner with them and start getting a discount

  4. Release (or be in final draft) of final Ahead of Her Time book

  5. Start seeing Ahead of Her Time in school book fairs

  6. Have a strong team in place to help me execute on these goals

After Seven Years (Dec. 2026)

We're getting more into the big picture here, but at some point, I'd like to see the Ahead of Her Time series become a movie or TV show!

Because we're dreaming, right?

I'd also like to start turning Vocabbett into a full-service vocabulary-building platform for various tests (adding in the GRE, for instance). It would also expand to have a "news" section for interest/uplifting, big-picture stories.

After Ten Years (Dec. 2029)

I know it sounds ambitious, but my overarching goal for Vocabbett is to make it one of the primary, big-name test prep services like Kaplan or Princeton Review.

I'm not sure how I'll know that I've "made it," but that is the goal!


Over To You

I LOOOOOOOVE hearing people's goals!! If you have one to share, leave it below!

I wish you all the best in the next decade.

-Ms. Abbett

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