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If you see underlined words throughout this post, those are just some incidental vocabulary words. Definitions are at the bottom of the page if you need them! : )


A LOT has been happening behind the scenes here at Vocabbett HQ in recent weeks! And since I'm still a clueless neophyte when it comes to marketing and self-promotion, I'm just going to do a straightforward post about it!

Vocabulary Workshops

Erica Abbett at a Vocabbett Vocabulary Workshop

I've started holding vocabulary workshops throughout the Dallas area, and they've been SO MUCH FUN!

Using my pain-free, story-based method, we tackle more than 100 high-frequency SAT words. I was incredibly honored when the owner of the first learning center wrote this after:

"My 16-year-old old daughter attended the workshop and absolutely loved it! ...The fast-paced games and challenges encouraged even the shyer and younger students to participate. Erica has a high-energy, highly contagious personality that high schoolers seem to find awfully charming, which she uses to make sure all the students get involved.

"The biggest surprise was that Vocabbett is such a departure from the drudgery of traditional preparatory programs.  It's short and focused but the benefits will last a lifetime, well beyond the SAT."

If you want to book a vocabulary workshop at your school, library, or learning center, check out the educator resources page! : )

First Time as a Podcast Guest!

Maybe I shouldn't admit that this was my first time as a podcast guest, but I'm all about honesty and showing the real story! And hey, you all know this is a new business, right?

The podcast was Activate Your IELTS: Be Determined hosted by Kristin Espinar, and we had such a good time!

If you're not familiar, the IELTS is kind of like the SAT, but for non-native English speakers. It was so great talking about how to improve your English vocabulary for non-native English speakers since I got to bring in a little bit of my international background! (I studied abroad in Italy, Egypt, and Israel!)

Masterclass Launch

The word "launch" has some pretty big connotations these days, so maybe I shouldn't say I launched The Vocabbett Masterclass. More of...I finished it and then did one Instagram post about it? Oh, and one tweet and one FB message...

Pathetic, I know.

Anticlimactic launch notwithstanding, I'm VERY proud of the course itself. I may not be the most experienced marketer, but I do know a thing or two about teaching and big words.

In this course, I use a unique and (mostly!) painless, story-based approach to help students learn more than 500 high-frequency SAT words.

Since the SAT only has three sections — evidence-based reading, writing, and math — a strong vocabulary so crucial for two-thirds of the test!

The Vocab-It Game

Or, "the most pretentious game in the world for the smartest person in the room," as my brother jokingly coined it.

Whatever you want to call it, the Vocab-It game is SO MUCH FUN. I honestly think anyone could enjoy it, whether studying for the SAT or not!

Without going into too much detail, the person whose turn it is draws three cards. Then, everyone else has to combine the elements from each card to create a clever/funny sentence.

So if you drew, "Harry Potter," "Villain," and "Awry," you might come up with: "After his latest plan to take over the world went awry, Lord Voldermort decided to abandon a life of crime and open an Etsy shop."

You get points for each vocabulary word used correctly, and the person whose turn it is also picks a favorite sentence each round, encouraging you to stay on your toes!

Click here to get the game!

(I also offer a less expensive DIY version for educators!)

Misc. Website Updates

The biggest one was beefing up the Educator Resources page!

What's Next?

I'm so honored to be the Bill Cook Visiting Author at The Episcopal School of Dallas this year. I'll be doing vocabulary workshops/visiting author events all of next week!

I also have an author event coming up at Southern Methodist University, my alma mater!

Beyond that, my schedule goes from jam-packed to pretty open! Which can be nice, since it means I can work on the digital side of Vocabbett a bit more.

I already have an idea for another course (The Art of the Essay, anyone?), I'd like to nail down some brand aesthetics, and (is this way too cliche?) I'm thinking of starting a podcast!


I want to hear them! Would you listen to a podcast about how to painlessly boost your vocabulary? Do you have ideas about creating a cohesive brand identity? My main struggle with that is that I LOVE THE BOOK COVER, but since I paid someone to create it, I can't really do that illustrated look everywhere. How do I reconcile that with the day-to-day?

Opinions and advice wanted!!

-Mrs. Abbett


Neophyte - Someone who is NEW (root - "neo") to something

Connotations - An idea or feeling that goes along with something else

Anticlimactic - Something that's a bit of a let-down after an exciting or impressive series of events

Notwithstanding - Nevertheless; even though; in spite of

Pretentious - Trying to convey a greater sense of importance than you actually possess

Coin (v.) - Create a new word or phrase

Awry - Wrong; away from the expected course (things tend to "go awry")

Alma Mater - Latin for "generous mother;" usually indicates a school you attended

Aesthetics - Relating to beauty and design

Cohesive - Going together

Reconcile - Make consistent with one another; cause to go together

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