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Is *This* Sneakily Sabotaging Your Grammar? (P2!)

Whimsical collage of Michelangelo's David modernized and tattooed

Let’s be honest: music is no good for reinforcing proper grammar habits, even if we all love it. 

However, I think for most songs, we kind of know when they’re abusing grammatical conventions to fit the rhyme. 

There are times, though — times like these — when the errors are so subtle (and commonly-used!), that we may not even realize they’re happening. 

As a result, we get LOTS of erroneous impressions, and when the opportunity arises to use the right version, it just doesn’t sound “right.”

In episode 44 of the Vocabbett podcast, we dive into a few more songs with grammar errors so subtle, and so frequently-made, you might not even realize they're errors!

Listen below or on your favorite podcast player:

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