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5 TV Shows That Won’t Turn Your Brain to Mush

Updated: May 19

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We’re all watching more TV than normal these days, but if you want to keep your edge and come out of quarantine smarter than ever, it’s time to become more intentional with your TV choices.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with watching Friends re-runs for the 400th time, but it’s probably not going to teach you much either!

Below, I’ve compiled a list of 5 TV shows that are (in my opinion!) just as entertaining as they are edifying. Have you seen any of them? Are there any you think I should add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

I’ll be honest: I hated all the kids at first. By the end? I loved each and every one.

The Durrells in Corfu is based on an amazing true story, following the Durrell family as they decide to leave their boring, 1930’s life in England for the sunny island of Corfu.

The series is based on Gerald Durrell’s Corfu trilogy, which he wrote about his family’s years in Corfu. The best part? Those books are on many recommended reading lists!

Give it a couple of episodes to get into it. After that, you won’t want to stop!

Promotional image of PBS' 'Victoria'

Image via Amazon/PBS Masterpiece

We’ve all heard of prim Victorians, but how many of us really know that much about Queen Victoria? Especially young Victoria?

An entertaining and fascinating look at the life of one of the world’s most well-known rulers, I think you’ll love it!

At first, all I saw was the (rather unnatural-looking?) beard on Max Irons, a.k.a. Howard Carter.

But I quickly stopped noticing because the show was fantastic.

Now, as an Egyptophile, I would love this show, but I think you will, too! It covers the story behind Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun in such a fun, humanizing way. Watch it!

Promotional image of 'Lost in Austen'

Another lesser known, but brilliant, show, Lost in Austen sends a modern Pride and Prejudice-lover into the world of the book…Oh, and Elizabeth Bennett ends up in modern times!

To be honest, I liked Lost and Austen more than Pride and Prejudice!(Don’t ever tell anyone I said that).

Promotional image of Netflix's 'The Crown'

Image credit: YouTube/Netflix

This is by far the most popular show on the list, but if you haven’t yet watched The Crown, I definitely recommend the first two seasons!

I couldn’t get through the third season, but I loved the first two. (By the way, the first episode starts off a bit grim, but it gets better).

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