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How to Emerge From Quarantine Smarter Than Ever

Classical painting modified to show the subject blowing bubble gum and newspaper letters "blah" on the wall

With more schools announcing virtual-only learning for the fall, parents, students, and teachers alike are wondering what the long-term academic effect will be on students.

I can’t tell you, but here’s what I know: there are few things more beneficial for the human psyche than a good book.

We’ve probably all heard someone say, “That book changed my life,” but there are also studies showing it may slow cognitive declinehelp you live longerreduce stress levelsimprove your standardized test scores, and make more money

And none of that touches on (what I think) is the most important element of reading. The ancient Greeks called it catharsis — basically, the ability to live through other people, trying on countless lives in the safety of fiction so you can see what works, what doesn’t, and what you want for yourself. 

It’s like you’re in a video game, and you have a bunch of extra lives. The more lives you have, the further you’re probably going to go in the game. 

Whether school returns in person, online or as a hybrid model, the best thing you can do for yourself right now is develop a voracious reading habit.

For a push in the right direction, I highly suggest getting a Goodreads account. It’s totally free, and is basically a social media platform for readers! It’s so much fun to see what other people are reading, plus it gives you great suggestions, reviews, and much more. 

Don’t forget to follow me once you get there!

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