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And the TV Character With the Biggest (And Funniest!) Vocabulary Is...

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Isn’t it a shame that shows only seem to become cult classics once they’re over?

That’s what seems to be happening with Schitt’s Creek, a Canadian comedy that recently aired its final season. For Vocabbett readers, though, this show offers more than just some laughs…

You might also learn a word or two from the show’s inimitable matriarch, Moira Rose! 

I’ll be honest. When I first saw the show, I was a little confused by her character. I couldn’t figure out what her accent was supposed to be, among other things, but now I adore her. 

For any fans of Schitt’s Creek (who are also looking to boost their vocabulary!), New York Magazine put together a hilarious little montage “pettifogging” Moira’s ridiculously large (and hilarious) vocabulary. 

I dive more into a few of the words in the video—and how you can remember them!—in episode 45 of the Vocabbett podcast

Pettifogging? Unasinous? Bombilate? Are these even words?

Well…kind of…but even if you can’t find them all in the dictionary, most have a legitimate origin somewhere, so let’s just say yes!

Listen to the entire episode below. You won’t regret it!

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