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To Complement Your Enjoyment of Vocabbett Resources

This is a pocket dictionary unlike any other. 

Specifically formulated to complement your work at Vocabbett, it is streamlined to only contain the contextual definitions of words you will encounter here.

I've even put the words in the tense you're most likely to encounter them!

This way, you're yanked out of the story as little as possible. And that means more reading + easier learning!

The FREE, printable version, please!

Printable Pocket

The EASY, bookified version, please!

Vocabbett Pocket Dictionary Cover.png

Because words take you places! 

It's time to ditch the idea that big words are stodgy and inaccessible. They're awesome, and they enable you to take incredible adventures at any moment. 

Now go explore

Well, everywhere! But The Vocabbett Pocket Dictionary is most useful with the short stories & other freebies.


The Ghosts of Google Earth.png
Hera and the Headmaster.png
Untitled_Artwork 8.png

Because most of them are free and online, I can't build in glossaries the way I do with the books! 

Enter, the pocket dictionary, here to solve your vocabulary-based woes. 

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